Great Open World

The choice of your way depends on you in the world of Ardagor

Incredible Atmosphere

You will be immersed in the dark atmosphere until the end of the story

Dynamic Fights

The most dynamic fights will not make you bored

About Ardagor :

We are glad  to announce our project “Ardagor: Chronicles of Shadows”.

Ardagor is  Action/RPG/Survival  game inspired by such titles as Dark Messiah of Might and MagicDark Souls, Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor, Stalker and Skyrim. Our game strives to incorporate best traits of these games combining them with new ideas and mechanics.

Ardagor takes you to a vast and mysterious archipelago suffering from terrible ancient curse that killed its inhabitants. You are a lone Wanderer thrown to this gloomy and dangerous lands with no help from anyone. There is a burning Mark on your hand — a sign that you are destined to reveal the mystery of this lands past. And you will be given absolute freedom of choice and actions.

The world of Ardagor is a dangerous place where there are no friends or allies. On your way you will meet ghosts of the dead inhabitants of this land, which you will be able to communicate and interact with the help of mysterious Mark on your hand. Revealing mysteries of this cursed land you will meet dark creatures, spirits and demons who came to this land from the very depths of Hell.

Waiting for you are fascinating exploration, exciting adventures and intense battle for survival. You will search ancient artefacts in Magical Anomalies. The Mark on your hand will grant you the use of different magical powers. Your decisions and actions will affect both the game style and your own destiny tied to the destiny of the land.

Become a warrior mage and cut your way to terrible secret of Ardagor through Light and Darkness with Spirit Sword and combat spells.

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Distinctive features:

• vast open world built with CRYENGINE;
• absolute freedom of player choice;
• nonlinear plot;
• unique system of character development based on his choices;
• travelling between dimensions;
• survival in hostile world filled with traps and mysteries;
• combat system based on fencing and use of spells;
• development and rethinking of mechanics and style of popular titles, such as Dark Messiah of Might and MagicDark Souls, Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor, Stalker and Skyrim.

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 ARDAGOR: Chronicles of Shadows


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About our team :

Vega Studio is an international indie team. The main bulk of our team is located in Kiev (Ukraine), but we also have some developers in Russia, Poland, Canada and Australia. The team was founded two years ago and currently is wholly focused on development of “Ardagor: Chronicles of Shadows”, which is to be released in […]

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